Demonstrating Ski Racing Excellence Since 1959

Who We Are

The Mt. Spokane Ski Race Team (MSSRT), previously the Spokane Ski Racing Association (SSRA), is a non-profit ski team for athletes 5 and up who want to become expert, all-mountain, life-long skiers while having fun learning to compete in the Olympic disciplines of alpine ski racing. SSRA was established in 1959 and has a proud and successful competitive history.

However, excelling in skiing is only part of our mission. MSSRT's programs help youth from the greater Spokane area develop important values and life skills. Co-operation, teamwork, dedication, goal-orientation, hard work, honesty, persistence, positive attitude, punctuality, and time-management are taught with intention. Through coach mentoring, each athlete's personal development is paramount.

Most of all MSSRT is fun! Without a doubt, being part of the Mt Spokane Ski Race Team is the fastest way to become a great skier…and a greatest way to become a fast skier!