MSSRT 2020 Inland Northwest Mid-Week Training (Ages 6-18)

MSSRT Inland Northwest (U8 – U19)

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The Mid-Week Training programs are offered to YSL and U14-19 athletes (ages 6-18) from programs throughout the Inland Northwest. To participate in the mid-week programs the athlete must be a member in good standing with one of the teams listed below. Athletes from the following programs are invited to mid-week training with MSSRT throughout the winter:

Bluewood Alpine Race Team                    (BART)

49 Degrees North Alpine Ski Team          (FAST)

Independence Race Team                         (Indy)

Lookout Pass Race Team                          (LPRT)

Schweitzer Alpine racing School              (SARS)

Silver Mountain Alpine Race Team          (SMART)


Training will include Slalom and or Giant Slalom gate training. We will provide separate training lanes with age specific course sets for our YSL and older athletes. Training disciplines (SL or GS) will be determined by conditions and race schedules. We will provide high quality, productive training environments for the respective age groups to prepare the athletes for their upcoming races.


Athletes should be able to ski intermediate terrain with parallel turns. The athletes must also be able to load and ride the lift alone.


One pair all-mountain or junior race skis is sufficient for U8-U10. Some athletes choose to purchase a pair of Slalom and Giant Slalom race skis. Powder skis and twin tips will inhibit skill development and are not recommended. Helmets, goggles and poles are required. Shin guards are optional.

LIFT TICKETS - Not included.


The YSL Mid-week training program is offered to athletes 6 to 11 years old. Training takes place from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on Wednesday evenings. Conditions permitting, training will begin January 3rd and continue every Wednesday for 10 weeks.


The U14 –U19 Mid-week Training Program has several options. These athletes can train Wednesday evenings, Thursday evenings, both Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and or Friday days.

Training will take place from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Conditions permitting, training will begin January 4th and continue every Wednesday and Thursday for 10 weeks. Friday training will begin in December and continue throughout the season. Friday training will be charged on a per day basis.

Pricing and options are listed below under Program Tuition.


Our Holiday Camp is also open to Inland Northwest athletes if they are not training at their home mountain. Our Holiday Camp runs from December 27th through the 30th and offers an additional four days of training. You will need to register separately for Holiday camp on the registration page.


MSSRT will have transportation available for U12 and older athletes. We will have weekly van sign ups. Families will be provided with van sign up information after they have registered for the program.


            YSL Wednesday Evening                        $299.00

            U14-U19 Wednesday Evening                $299.00

            U14-U19 Thursday Evening                    $299.00

            U14-U19 Wed & Thurs Evening              $499.00